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Est. 2014

Anntoine Marketing + Design consists of a group of highly dedicated artists, designers, developers, and marketers whose main priority is to grow your business in new and inventive ways. The creative group first formed in early 2014 when co-owners Jessica Smith and Eddie Laviolette merged business concepts. Together they have grown their team and established Anntoine as a premiere marketing agency and design studio.

Anntoine Marketing + Design Seasonal Colors

ANNTOINE in Summer... The methods to our madness

understanding our brand

We love the beach. We can't stress that enough! Nothing says relaxing like the ocean breeze, salty water, and sand in our toes. So when it came time to find a mark to help identify our own brand and identity, we didn't have to look very far.

Before Anntoine's conceptualization, co-owners Eddie & Jessica worked together in several other businesses and ventures. Wherever they seemed to go, a beautiful centerpiece of coral followed. Today, that coral is our trademark symbol; reminding us to relax, enjoy the moment, and look forward to each of our next beach vacations.

changing with the seasons

At Anntoine, we understand that every business' brand identity is unique. Therefore, no two businesses should be advertised in the same way.  We recognize that the market is an ever-changing landscape -- so what might work one day, may not work the next. As a means to evolve our own brand and remind ourselves of this methodology, Anntoine undergoes a change in seasons falling on the first day of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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