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Videos are consistently the highest performing ads for our clients.

Clients that use our video services see a 140% increase in engagement with their audience. When compared to static ads, video advertising consistently receives higher click-through rates and a lower cost-per-click, which means you pay less to reach a larger audience.

Audiences feel a stronger relationship with a company or message when they can make an emotional connection. Video is the best way to create a connection because people identify with people in action more than with graphics or still images. Video is a great option for businesses across multiple industries because it allows you to emphasize your company culture and environment, introduce new products and their benefits, host educational sessions, interview employees about their expertise, or share customer testimonials.

We approach every project with your specific goal as the focus, and create videos that attract and entertain viewers while producing measurable results.

Our video team handles every aspect of video production, including script writing, location scouting, set design, lighting design, high quality audio, actor selection, and every detail of post-production. The team has experience filming in a variety of locations from surgery rooms to steel factories, and they are comfortable in multiple situations from air shows to everyday classrooms.

Story Driven Videography

Life's Moments

Heritage Bank of St. Tammany

Every video we create tells a story, but some videos require careful word choice and purposeful actions. Story driven videos are like mini movies. Our team writes a script and creates a storyboard to plan these cinematic videos.

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Testimonial Videography

Pedro - A Success Story

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys

Some of the most effective videos include real people telling personal stories. These videos are more organic and help create a strong connection with viewers. Our director works closely with each speaker to make them feel comfortable and express themselves effectively.

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Drone Videography

Renfest is coming

Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Professional Drone Videography takes the best festival in history to higher levels. With a new theme each weekend, the Louisiana Renaissance Festival was looking for a way to capture all the special moments that their guests and cast experience. From shopping handmade creations to watching stunning demonstrations with the family, Drone videography tells the whole story while making you want to be a part of it all.

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Promotional Videography

Global Cuisine

Streetside Market

From highlighting the powdered sugar falling softly on a plate of beignets to capturing the sizzle in the toss of a wok bowl, Streetside Market’s promo video exhibits all the right details customers love.

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