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ReCrafting Relocation

This revamp has been one of our favorite projects to date. The Relocation Center's dated aesthetics and website needed an extreme overhaul, and we were more than happy to take a crack at it.

Moving is often hectic, but it doesn't have to be. The Relocation Center focuses on helping businesses and their employees relocate to a new location seamlessly by merely organizing and planning every last detail. So we went right to work conveying how to "make a move simple."

In addition to the location icon being the foundation of their identity, we also designed patterns that conveyed movement and rearrangement, custom iconography, bold and noticeable coloring to stand out from the competition, and interactive print collateral that made an impression.

Strutting their stuff

Once the branding was updated, we made sure to roll those standards over to their tradeshow materials. Their booth saw a significant increase in leads from previous years and even managed a bit of social outreach with some fancy Snapchat filters designed to help get the word out.

global players

The largest of the tasks, however, was the website. Figuring out how to put everything we'd learned into simple online tools took a bit more effort than your average website. Creating calculators, presentation materials, converting print collateral to e-brochures, and connecting their custom MoveRemind and ReloCentral tools to their backend software were just a few of the tasks we re-envisioned for maximizing user experience. Our goal: To make The Relocation Center a global trendsetter and competitor with other relocation businesses.

Moving Day

Stacking up next to their national & global competitors is no longer an issue for these guys. Their site, print, and branding lead the industry, hands down. Since Relocation Center now looks the best, they leave things up to their technology, which already separated them from the pack, to begin with, to reinforce their value.

We encourage you to visit The Relocation Center and poke around their website to see our capabilities and all Anntoine has to offer when rebranding your business to better separate and even beat the competition.

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If you like what you've seen or want to see more of our work, feel free to get in touch with us.

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