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CBA Preliminary Logos Directions

The Heart Of a City

When The Covington Business Association came to our door looking for a reboot of their entire identity and web presence they were looking for something new but bold. Something familiar, yet "old school." Something that told the story of Covington, its revival, and the businesses that dwell there.

Anyone that knows Covington, knows its long and rich history from the city planning and Ox Lots to its familiar resemblance to the French Quarter. We provided them with logos for all occasions, both celebratory and professional alike, and now our logo flies like a badge of honor in the shops and streets of Covington.

Covington Business Association Mark
Covington Business Association Logo
Covington Business Association Logo Variants
Covington Business Association Flag
GoCovington Logo Elements

Going Covington

The Covington Business Association also wanted a means to bolster the tourism under the newly minted phrase of "Go Covington". So naturally, we threw that in as a little lagniappe as well.

GoCovington Logo Cool Logo (Cool)
GoCovington Logo Warm Logo (Hot)
GoCovington Stickers
GoCovington Website
GoCovington Menu

coming to a cba near you

Last on the list was the most important item on the menu, an overhaul of the website. Their main goal was to increase memberships and provide a one-stop shop for all things Covington.

Today the CBA has more than DOUBLED its ranks to over 185 businesses since the site went live, a growth of over 105% in the first year alone. Now that's what we call results.

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GoCovington MobileCovington Business Association Full Page

If you like what you've seen or want to see more of our work, feel free to get in touch with us.

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